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Smart Digital Services, a technology provider managing a network of over than 180000 POS covering 22 million card users, managing over than 300 transactions per second has signed an MOU with Investia Venture Capital to build platforms and endorse fintech startups to utilize this important reach capability.

Concurrently, Damen Electronic Payments and Investia Leasing, ‘a subsidiary of Investia Venture Capital’ have signed cooperation agreements to extend leasing services to outlets and receive payments via Damen’s network.

Mr. Tarek Malash, Chairman, Smart, Mr. Tamer El Hussainy CEO of Damen, Mr. Mounir El Zahid, Chairman Investia Leasing, Mr Abdel Aziz El Saidi, CEO, Investia Leasing and Eng. Samir El Alaily, Chairman, Investia Venture Capital, attended the signing ceremony